Before Mysterious Stranger was officially a company, our prototype show Frequency premiered (and sold out) its three week season in February at the 2014 New Zealand Fringe Festival.

Each show was limited to 8 audience members at a time.

This small band found themselves at the heart of a scifi thriller that played out in the streets of Wellington.

A series of clues led them from location to location, as they communicated via text with a shadowy organisation, found and saved the life of an injured agent, solved puzzles, and discovered hidden items and secret locations, while uncovering a conspiracy that threatened our world.


Some of our audience comments after the show:

Fantastic fun. Got totally involved and came away invigorated and inspired.
— Derek Hodgen
We loved this show! So cool! We are tourists from Chicago! A great way to see Wellington!
— Lindsey and Martin Frank
Frequency makes you feel like you have been dropped in a movie. It gets your blood pumping and mind racing to try and figure everything out. The talented group of people who put this show together have made the experience all that you could want. I couldn’t imagine having a better night walking through the city with people I have never met before.
— Evee Telfar
Absolutely amazing, felt like a real secret agent all night. So well thought out, clever, definitely worthy. I’m in love with spy novels & world & will tell everyone!! Awesome!!
— Vanessa Immink
Incredible concept, superbly executed. Perfect for the Fringe! Thank goodness for the pleasant weather. All the very best
— Simon, Access Radio
I wish this adventure would go on forever ☺ Thanks for all the effort everybody put in!
— Twoflower Tourist
AMAZING show - Loved it.
— Emily xx
Such a lot of fun! Thanks for all the effort. Loved it all! Making us all look like fools in public was the top point!
— Liz
Really awesome concept, impeccable execution - got to fulfil my dream of doing semaphore for real! Choice night!
— Andrew
Great fun – tense & exciting! ☺
So much fun - I could have played on for hours!
— Linda