Mysterious Stranger designs unique immersive events in Wellington, New Zealand.

We draw participants into interactive adventures, using live actors and props that blend into the real world.

We have sent people on an adventure on foot through the city to free an undercover agent from a quantum vortex,
And in a van to find secret messages, retrieve smuggled liquor on a beach, and dodge the Feds on their way to a mysterious rendezvous at a lighthouse.

We create events that go above and beyond, that are miniature artworks in their own right.

Our backgrounds in filmmaking, game design and psychology means we bring specialist skills in the art of storytelling, group dynamics and engagement to our work. We particularly delight in creating memorable one-off experiences for small groups and individuals.


Artistic Director: Leonie Reynolds

Whatever your event, there is something magical we can make for you.

If you would like to explore what Mysterious Stranger could do for your company, event or celebration,

Please email Leonie at leonie@mysterious-stranger.co.nz, or call on 021 130 1682 -

Let's talk further.